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Musts to Consider Before Hiring an Electrician

When you hire a service professional, it’s always a good idea to be selective and find someone reliable and trustworthy. When it comes to finding a Round Rock electrician or an Austin electrician, doing your research becomes critical. Electricity is not only what powers all of your appliances and devices; it can cause a fire hazard if not handled properly. Therefore, it isn’t enough to just Google “electricians near Round Rock/Austin” and choose at will. Before hiring an electrician, the best way to ensure that you have found a reputable, certified, and safe company is to look for these characteristics.

Certification and License

For some services, you can save money by doing it yourself or hiring a contractor with a general knowledge of construction. When it comes to electrical work, however, you need to find someone who is certified and licensed. Electrical work is complicated, and if you get it wrong, the consequences can be both disastrous and life-threatening. Only hire an Austin electrician who has the proper certification and isn’t afraid to show you their credentials.


As with all tradespeople, you should ask for a copy of a company’s insurance before hiring them. Insurance is not only meant to protect the consumer if something goes wrong; it also ensures that employees in your home are covered. If the electrician service that you hire doesn’t have the proper insurance, a mishap can ultimately fall on you as the homeowner. You need to not only ask if a company has insurance; you also need to verify it.


Not all electrical problems are straightforward or easy to solve. When choosing a Round Rock electrician service, go the extra mile to ensure that they have experience in the industry. If they run across a complex issue that takes investigation and thinking outside of the box, you want someone seasoned enough to fix it correctly - and safely - the first time around!

Ratings and Reviews of the Austin Electrician

Thanks to the internet, it is easy to gauge how well a company is meeting the demands of its client base. Before you call any electrical service, make sure to look through their ratings and reviews to see what people are saying. Also, read beyond the star ratings to get a better understanding of customers’ overall experience and satisfaction. A consumer who has received excellent service is often willing to lend their support; but on the other hand, the opinion of a consumer who has not can be just as valuable.

Emergency Services and Timelines

When you need an electrician, there are times when you need them preemptively for maintenance and then others when you need them NOW. Once you find an electrician you can depend on, you will likely want to stick with them. In your initial call, find out if the electrical service offers emergency services. If they do, then you know you can call them for both maintenance and in a jam and not have to hire someone you don’t know in a pinch.

The Round Rock Electrician Career Level

Electricians have to pass several educational challenges to become certified. When doing your research, it is okay to ask what their career level is. An apprentice can apply for a license, but they have to work under a certified and licensed electrician. A journey-level professional is certified to work in the specialty and commercial electrical industries. Although it varies by state, you have to have about 8,000 hours of experience to reach the journey level. A master electrician can handle any electrical problem. Master electricians need to have a minimum of 4,000 hours at the journey level, which equals about two full-time years in the field. If you have a complex or commercial issue, finding the right experience level is critical.


Before you hire an electrician, make sure that you get several estimates in writing. Electrical work can quickly become both time-consuming and expensive if you don’t understand the costs and labor hours involved. Prices vary greatly from one electrician to the next, so finding out what the rate is before you choose one for your project is highly recommended.

Whether you need a Round Rock electrician or an Austin electrician, you must know the quality and care of the service you will receive upon hire. Don’t just Google “Electricians near Round Rock/Austin” and choose at will. Doing your due diligence to vet any company you hire is not only an excellent idea; it is a must to keep your home or dwelling safe. At CallDC Electrical, we provide certified, superior, and timely service. Contact us today to discuss your electrical problem or issue, and let’s get started!

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